The company is fully licensed for transporting goods by road throughout the EU. We are specialized in transporting brand new and un-used vehicles, as well as used ones. Our drivers have the necessary experience and training and our trucks are fully serviced and equipped with all the components and tools needed. Our activity is regularly inspected by the staff at the compounds of many of the big car manufacturers in Europe such as BMW, Audi, Daimler, etc.

red truck with car cargo

     Our drivers are well trained in handling, loading and unloading new cars on and off the platforms and follow strictly all loading/unloading procedures. The precise and correct layout of the automobiles on the truck and their proper lashing and strapping are critical for the damage-free transport.

     All trucks are equipped with modern GPS systems used for better tracing the routes, that allow us to be flexible and avoid delays in deliveries.

     The location of all our trucks is constantly monitored and all our clients can be informed on the whereabouts of their cargo at any time. Our staff is following the advices of all leading car manufacturers for loading/unloading and strapping and leashing procedures.